Services We Provide


  • Advise the Board of Directors and company management on strategic initiatives/transactions
  • Provide corporate secretarial services to the Board and its committees
  • Establish effective corporate governance models consistent with local laws and international standards
  • Provide expert advise in an array of areas including Data Privacy, Cyber security, Sanctions, Intellectual Property and Antitrust
  • Draft corporate policies such as the Code of Conduct, Conflicts of Interest, Fraud, Gifts, Antitrust, Data Privacy, Anti Money Laundering and assist the company in implementing the same
  • Provide support and advise with respect to credit facilities
  • Provide support and advise with raising capital on primary and secondary equity markets
  • Trademark and domain registration


  • Draft, review and manage negotiations of a wide array of contracts including the following:


Vendor Contracts Sponsorship Agreements
SOWs Outsourcing Agreements
Leases Distribution Agreements
Purchase & Sale Agreements Settlement Agreements
Facilities Maintenance Agreements TOBAs
Investment Management Agreements Reinsurance Agreements
ISDAs Underwritings Slips
Advertising Agreements Insurance Policies


  • Provide strategic support for complex transactions such as Share Purchases Joint Venture, Banking Credit Facilities, etc.

Personal (Individuals)

  • Drafting of Wills and Probate of Wills
  • Advise with respect to employment disputes
  • Advise with respect to rental dispute
  • Review and negotiate Purchase and Sale Agreements for real estate
  • Review and negotiate purchase and sale of personal assets including individually owned businesses


  • Provide advise on new laws and regulations issued by regulators and authorities (e.g, tax authority, insurance authority, central bank, etc.);
  • Seek clarifications from regulators and authorities when laws and regulations are ambiguous; and
  • File applications and obtain approval on matters requiring regulatory approval.

Company formation & closures

  • Form onshore and offshore regulated and non-regulated companies for clients in a multitude of jurisdictions including countries in Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia;
  • Assist in closing non-profitable companies in a multitude of Jurisdictions from USA to Russia; and
  • Coordinate and obtain approval from with local authorities and regulators for company formation and closures.


  • We provide litigation support to our clients through strategic partnership with lawyers/ advocates who are licensed to practice before the courts

Other Services

  • Assist company’s in structuring their Legal and Compliance Departments
  • Perform compliance audits and audit of the legal function
  • Identify and assist the company in managing its legal risks